2020 Grauer Burgunder Gutswein trocken




This refreshing Pinot Gris has fruity aromas of ripe sugar melons, sweet pears and plum mash, especially on the nose. This is complemented by a smooth, round mouthfeel and a distinctive minerality. A pleasantly stimulating bitter note remains in the finish. It is an uncomplicated wine that brings carefree drinking pleasure with it.

Immediately after the harvest, the grapes for the Pinot Gris are gently filled into the press via conveyor belts without destemming or crushing. Due to the long pressing time of 6-8 hours, important ingredients are dissolved in the juice without putting too much strain on the berries. After the must pre-clarification by sedimentation, partial batches of the must are fermented spontaneously. The wines remain on the lees for a period of 3-5 months in order to achieve a harmonious wine structure.

Slightly chilled, suitable for Vespers with veal pie and farmer’s bread as well as grilled meat.