Rheinhessen vintners have been at the forefront of winemaking innovation for years and the Thörle winery, situated in Saulheim, is a classic example of a perfectionist approach in the vineyard and winery. Run by brothers Christoph and Johannes Thörle since 2006, the winery was handed down from their parents with viticulture in the family since the 1500s.

The brothers have swiftly homed in on the production of Riesling, Pinot Noir, white Burgundy varieties and Silvaner to the highest standards. In the vineyard, they hand-harvest low yields and vinify with laser-like precision for each varietal in a new spacious state-of-the-art, custom-built winery. The result is a range of unforgettable wines that display the rich mineral character of the surrounding limestone soils.

The drive for perfection in Germany’s highest-producing region, plus homage to centuries of a family’s dedication, are what motivates the two brothers to passionately craft the finest wines today.

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