The Fine German Wine Club

Germany’s Finest Wines, Delivered.

The Fine German Wine Club offers an exciting way to discover the best of German wines in 2 shipments per year. We ship a 12-bottle case in the Spring with 2 Sparkling wines that are sourced from Germany’s finest Sparkling makers.

These are made to be more complex and more akin to vintage Champagne with long ageing on the lees from 3 to 10 years and above, 2 Pinot Blancs from the highest rated Weissburgunder makers in Germany, 2 Pinot Gris, 2 Silvaner, 2 Scheurebe, 2 Rieslings and a 12-bottle case in the fall with 8 exceptional Spätburgunder, 2 Dornfelder and 2 Lemberger.

The wines are special, often limited and express the breath of German wine making beyond Riesling. If you sign up to become a member, you will enjoy free shipping and unlimited wine consultation via email and text. Our team of wine lovers will guide you on your new and exciting journey in German wine.


12 bottles– 2 x per year
$480 + tax


12 bottles– 2 x per year
$960 + tax

To sign up for the Fine German wine Club, please select if you would like to receive the Estate Selection (Orts and Gutweine) or the Premier and Grand Crus Selection (Erste and Grosse Lage Weine).